Drone Pilot Detained for flying over football match.

A drone pilot has been detained by police after flying a drove over Newport v Spurs FA football match on the 27th January.

The drone was flown over the grounds, in Newport during the first half of the match.  The police said, “Anyone caught piloting a drone over Rodney Parade during the match…you could be prosecuted.

“we have already detained one pilot.  Please respect the occasion

While lifeguards in Australia were being trained how to use drones.  They spotted two swimmers off the coast struggling in the waves from the on-board camera.  The drone was equipped with a life buoy that could be dropped from the aircraft.  One of the lifeguards operating the drone managed to manoeuver the aircraft above the swimmers, within 70 seconds, and drop its payload.  Holding onto the inflatable that was dropped the two could swim to shore safely. 

Drones like this can be used for many emergencies from dropping life buoys, fire extinguishers to even medical supplies.  Drones saving lives!

North Wales Police Use Drones to Fight Crime

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