Located in Stockton on Tees, The Aerial Aspect Drone Services has been operating over 3years providing professional Drone Solutions, using SUSAs (small unmanned surveillance aircraft) for a plethora of applications including Drone Training One of our recent Commissions BAFTA nominated The Mighty Redcar has undoubtedly featured some of The Aerial Aspects greatest work  

Photogrammetry with Pix4D

Photogrammetry is the science of measuring using 2D photos.  Using Pix4D software we can produce progress reports for buildings, roads and housing estates.  Produce 3D models, 3D maps, calculate volumes of stockpiles, plot contours and produce pointclouds.  Using  2D photos the drone acquires, Pix4D software seamlessly produces 3D images than can later be manipulated to our clients requirements.  


UAVE 2294

Permission granted by the CAA to operate SUSA in accordance with the Air Navigation Order and allowed to fly under specific conditions and limitations as set out in The Aerial Aspect's Permission, We can fly up to 400ft in height vertically and up to 1000m distance horizontally.  To know more please contact us 



The UK Drone Industry is one of the biggest up and coming industries in the UK. With it expecting to turnover £43Billion in the UK by 2030, according to an audit by PWC. The Aerial Aspect is now in its 3rd year operating drones and we are now seeing a shift from aerial photography and videography to surveying land and building inspections. Surveying land is not new to drones but now with new drone technologies surveying has become quicker, cheaper and safer

Current Work:

Look out for our recent aerial work for production company blast!  We recently provided aerial work for blast! production "saving lives at sea" to be seen on BBC 1


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